DNAH Cosmetics Deep Repair Professional Reconstructor Balm (500ml / 16.9oz)


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DEEP REPAIR it is a Repositor highly concentrated lipid, ideal for use after chemical processes, especially progressive brushes with chemical or without chemical. Enriched with sericina extract, provides wire an immediate replacement of the water part by nano regeneration of the internal structure of the hair, molecular brightness revitalized, and a structural nano treatment at all stages of the internal wire. Use establishes an immediate and prolonged effect of densification and texturing to the hair, which can be perceived immediately after application.

The product can be used with several different modes, depending on the needs of the hair. Your application can be:
                - After chemical processes, such as progressive - Use after washing the hair, to complete the process and return the water part of the wires.
                - To dry hair: Apply the product after washing with SHAMPOO JUST 4U !, to maximize treatment of fuses.
                - Discoloration: Sprinkling 4 or 5 times in the powder mixture discoloring ready for application. Will not interfere in the process, and will assist in hydration after chemical hair.