DNAH Cosmetics Thermal Alignment Soft Up! Professional Keratin w/ Anti-Yellow (1L / 33.8oz)


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The defrizzer SOFT UP! It was developed in order to bring customers the ultimate in satisfaction smoothing process, seeking safety, comfort and above all, actual results and healthy to the wires. In addition to a lot of last generation assets, our product has been enriched with pure pigments, not dyes, so as not to cause fading or loss of color in colored or blond hair. Our product is made with a technology called "Molecular Theft" where the molecule of the coloring hair is protected from the heat of the dryer and flat iron, thus preventing evaporate or be lost quickly. SOFT UP! Promotes a reduction in wires with a perfect thermal realignment because its formula is enriched with:

                - Keratin low molecular weight Hydrolyzed
                - D-Panthenol concentrate
                - Luna Matrix System as treatment and recovery agent
                - Omega Plus - active rich in essential fatty acids, which reconstructs lipids and aids in rebuilding the hydrolipidic barrier, reducing cracks and wear of the wires.

It has a balanced composition containing:
- Sunflower seed oil
- Corn oil
- Macadamia Oil and Oliva
- Oil Ojon

After washing the wires with Deep Cleansing Shampoo Just 4u !, dry hair between 80% and 90% with the dryer. Apply a small amount of soft PU lock the wick sufficient to engage the wires, removing excess with the aid of a comb, and let stand for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse the wires, dry with the aid of a brush and apply the hot plate wires lock the lock to the appropriate temperature, according to texture the yarn. Rinse and finish the hair.