DNAH Cosmetics Defrizzer RP System Professional Keratin (1L / 33.8oz)


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The defrizzer RP System was developed with the highest technology cosmetics today, promoting the immediate recovery to the hair of the damage caused by the action of the day to day, free pollution, weathering and frequent use of chemical treatment and heat actions such as dryer and board.

Strongly reduces the amount of wires, providing a smooth appearance of the temporary locks with great shine, softness and especially great naturalness. In its formulation we can highlight some elements that stand out such as:

- Keratin low molecular weight Hydrolyzed.
- D-Panthenol concentrate.
- Blend of latest Silicones and molecular nano.
- Luna Matrix System as treatment and recovery agent.
- Positive ions particles, assisting in action anti frizz hair.

After washing the hair with Deep Cleansing Shampoo JUST 4u !, completely dry the wires with the help of a dryer. Apply Defrizzing RP throughout wire extension. With the aid of a fine tooth comb, trim off the excess. Let stand 5 to 15 minutes. Dry the hairs and apply the flat iron into thin locks of hair. Rinse and finish the hair.