ZHORN Ergo Fire Lite Ionic Hair Dryer


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The Ergo series dryer by ZHORN is the most well-thought out hair dryer on the market, focusing on the professionals needs and prioritizing three main characteristics: Power, Comfort, and Durability. In development for over 6 years, the Ergo dryer has found ingenious solutions for all of the most common problems hair dryers and professionals experience today, dubbing it “The All Solution Dryer”. With three different unique configurations to choose from, Ergo Classic, Lite, or Fire, every type of professional can have the right dryer that suits their needs without compromise!

  • RATED AT 2100 W:  Produces the most airflow of any dryer in its class utilizing the best performing DC motor in the world.
  • HIGH TEMPERATURE: Engineered to reach the highest possible temperature while still maximizing airflow, this dryer reaches a very high temperature which is perfect for styling and keratin treatments. The increased temperature will also allow you to straighten the hair and do blowouts much faster!
  • NEGATIVE ION GENERATOR: Trillions of negative ions help break up water molecules for faster drying and also neutralize positively charged particles (static) which eliminates frizz. They also work to seal the hair follicle which locks in moisture; leaving you with shinier, softer, silky hair.
  • COOL  SHOT: Easy and comfortable to press ergonomic button located at your finger tip instantly cuts off the heating element while it is being pressed for temporary cool airflow.
  • 3 ROTATING CONCENTRATOR NOZZLES: Made of heat resistant and unbreakable nylon; three different sized nozzles are included which can be rotated 360 degrees! The largest nozzle provides more airflow and less heat while the smallest nozzle provides the most heat with less airflow for styling.
  • PATENTED SWITCH PLACEMENT: Both temperature and speed switches are located on the bottom of the handle for maximum comfort and control when using your dryer – never accidentally hit buttons again! World’s most ergonomic grip perfectly conforms to your hand regardless of whether you are right or left-handed.
  • PATENTED NOISE REDUCER: Very low noise output not only provides comfort for you and those around you, but will also save your hearing in the long run! It is easily removable for cleaning and features a nylon hair trap which prevents any loose hairs from entering the dryer.
  • PATENTED THERMAL INSULATION: A constant flow of cool air through a tiny gap surrounding the heating element cover keeps the body of the dryer cool at all times. Additionally, the concentrator nozzle has no contact with the body ensuring no heat transference. Perfect for stylists who prefer to grip the dryer by the barrel!
  • EXTREMELY LIGHTWEIGHT: We stripped down every ounce and gram of weight possible from this hair dryer making it one of the lightest hair dryers in its class and 30% lighter than our Classic AC model! Ideal for users who suffer from carpel tunnel or other articulation/joint related issues - work longer with less fatigue!
  • 1200+ HOURS: Longest lasting DC motor on the market with maximum performance.
  • IMPACT RESISTANT: Dryer body made of lightweight impact resistant nylon and the noise reducing rear end doubles as protection against falls! Made of rubber and foam, it is heavily resistant and can brush off impacts and shock - No more rear screens that break and fall off!
  • REINFORCED MOTOR MOUNTS: When dryers fall, one of the most common weak points that break are the motor mounts which attach the to the dryer body. We have reinforced ours so that it is no longer a weak point and can resist impacts.
  • 10 FT DOUBLE REINFORCED CABLE: Power cable is tightly secured inside the dryer by two clamps to make sure it does not loosen or break from strain over time and is wrapped in heavy duty rubber that is lightweight and flexible.
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY: You are protected against any manufacturers defects for one full year from the purchase date.

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Ergo Classic, Classic Lite, and Fire Lite comparison:

  • Classic has strongest airflow
  • Fire Lite has highest temperature
  • Classic and Classic Lite have healthy drying temperatures
  • Fire Lite and Classic Lite have about the same airflow
  • Classic has longest lasting AC motor at 2000+ hours
  • Classic Lite and Fire Lite have the lasting DC motor at 1200+ hours
  • Classic Lite and Fire Lite are 30% lighter than the Classic
  • Energy Consumption 2100 W
  • Motor Type DC
  • Voltage 110-130V (North America)
  • Ions Negative Ion Generator
  • Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer's
  • Power Cord 10 Ft. Reinforced
  • Nozzles 3 sizes
  • Speed Settings 2
  • Colors Black
  • Temp. Settings 3