DNAH Cosmetics Colors 4FUN Selfie Blonde Blue Bleach Powder (500g / 17.6oz)


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The Bleaching #SELFIE BLONDE was developed with high cosmetic technology, from raw materials that undergo a unique moisture removal process vacuum and process 100% automated. This ensures that the product will never lose their initial characteristics, and keep exactly the same quality throughout production.

Extremely rich agents that aid in treatment of the wire during the bleaching process, #SELFIE BLONDE provides the customer with the most discoloration through the exclusive "Violet Explosion" system, which may promote discoloration to 9 tones in the wire, according with the process and technique.

Enriched with a blend of Keratin and Wheat Germ beyond the treatment agents containing amino acids that penetrate the hair fiber, providing greater resistance to yarn.

It has basic features of a professional product such as "Dust Free", non-volatile, low ammonia, does not oxidize quickly in contact with air does not flow in the hair strands, it is balanced in its formulation.

Ideal for delicate work or set locks and marked, jobs that require great efficiency and power of the product or using forced heat source, such as heating equipment, aluminum foil, caps and others.

Discover all the strength of our Powder Blue Bleaching #SELFIE BLONDE !!